Marketing Services

Event Coordination

Coordinating events can be time consuming and costly. We can make it easy and less costly for you by providing Event Coordination Services here in Canada.

To simplify the logistics and to lower the participation costs we co-fund and split the costs among multiple, non-competing CMI vendors. Whether it's attending an industry trade show, hosting a focused seminar or planning a simple lunch-and-learn, we can help ensure the smooth running of the event from start to finish.

Our Event Coordination Service encompasses a flexible assortment of tools:

  • Agenda and speaker bios
  • Communications – email invites, mail-outs, registration webpage, etc.
  • Event theme and branding
  • Feedback questionnaire, Thank You correspondence and 1-on-1 follow ups
  • Invitee target list
  • Logistics – location, catering, setup
  • Panel discussion and Q&A set up
  • Presentation backgrounds, collateral and CDs
  • Presentation consolidation
  • Presentation download link
  • Signage

If you would like more information on our Marketing Services, please contact us.