Secure Data Sharing

Do you need to protect the sharing of critical information assets? Do you require enterprise-level security?

Accellion Secure Collaboration and Managed File Transfer

Accellion Secure Collaboration and Managed File Transfer solutions enable you to implement an enterprise-wide solution for securely transferring files. With this solution you’ll reduce IT resources, accelerate business processes, ensure sensitive data and IP protection, and demonstrate industry and government compliance.

Secure Collaboration

Accellion Secure Collaboration provides secure workspaces and file transfer capabilities. Secure workspaces allow you to streamline workflow and to keep projects moving forward.

You can review, comment, upload, and download files, creating hierarchical workspaces with as many folders and files as required, and managing user permissions by assigning individuals as viewers, contributors, and managers. With extensible Application Programming Interface (APIs), you can integrate Accellion Secure Collaboration into existing business applications.

Secure Mobile Access

Whether you have an Apple iOS, BlackBerry, or Android mobile device, Accellion provides native applications. With a crisp and intuitive user interface, you can quickly, easily and securely access workspace files anytime, anywhere from your mobile device—reducing response time and increasing business productivity.

Sharing files from a mobile device has never been so easy and secure. You can:

  • view, browse, and share files and folders
  • collaborate in real time, updating and commenting on files and tracking versions
  • subscribe to notifications to get the latest updates on files and Accellion Secure Workspaces.

Secure File Transfer

With Accellion Secure File Transfer you can send files and folders up to 100GB in size quickly, easily and securely to internal and external recipients without compromising enterprise data security.

Accellion Secure File Transfer delivers on-demand and automated, multi-site enterprise secure file transfer. It’s a robust system designed to securely send and receive large files and folders, to ensure data leak prevention, and to demonstrate compliance.

Accellion Secure File Transfer solutions:

  • Deliver a Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 certified managed file transfer solution for virtual, cloud and hosted deployment options
  • Improve email performance and reduces email storage by offloading files from the email system
  • Increase data security
  • Replace unsecured FTP and reduce IT support
  • Reduce risk of data breaches
  • Provide file transfer tracking and reporting tools to demonstrate compliance with HIPAA, SOX, FDA, and GLBA regulations

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