Location Tracking

Accurate Mobile Tracking Solutions for LEAs and Intelligence Organizations

NiceTrack Location Tracking solutions help Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and intelligence organizations reduce crime, prevent terrorism and identify other security threats. NiceTrack Location Tracking solutions transform location data into mission-critical intelligence. NiceTrack handles mass volumes of subscriber data and delivers accurate, reliable target positioning in real time. The NiceTrack Location Tracking Center enables unobtrusive monitoring so that targets are unaware of its presence and cannot prevent LEAs and intelligence organizations’ tracking activities.

nice location tracking

NiceTrack Location Tracking key benefits:

- Locate anyone, anytime, anywhere
- Pinpoint targets indoors and outdoors
- Identify new suspects and targets
- Protect critical facilities with geo-fencing features
- Detect suspicious incidents in real time

NiceTrack Location Tracking capabilities:

- Accurate 3D target positioning
- Nationwide mass collection and analysis
- Real-time target tracking
- Multiple location tracking sources including GPS, credit card transactions, tracking devices and LPR sensors

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