Data Diode Solutions

Listed on the UCDMO Baseline and backed by the Common Criteria EAL 7+ security certification, the Data Diode Solution offers unparalleled assurance in unidirectional cross domain transfer.

Data Diode

The 100Mbps and 1Gbps Data Diode are multimode fibre optic hardware devices that are connected between two servers attached to their respective security domains. The Data Pump Applications, installed on these servers, provide a unidirectional mechanism for transmitting different data types through the Data Diode.


BAE Systems Data Diodes


Data Pump Applications

You can adapt the following three basic Data Pump Applications to your organization's specific data transfer requirements.

File Transfer Application*

The automated transfer of files placed into a specific source directory on the lower classification to a corresponding destination directory on the higher classification.

Interactive Link - File Transfer Application


Email Transfer Application*

The automated transfer of email from lower to higher classification. It interfaces with SMTP mail servers, such as MS Exchange, to allow users on the higher classification to receive email from users on the lower classification.

Interactive Link - Email Transfer Application


Data Forwarding Application

The real-time transfer of IP Packets from lower to higher classifications in environments where you need to transfer streaming data such as video, audio and sensor data in real time with minimal latency.

Interactive Link - Data Forwarding Application


* The File and Email Transfer Applications each have the capability of integrating with third-party content filtering.

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