Uni-directional Cross Domain Solutions

The BAE Systems Data Diode solution enables enterprises and government agencies to transfer file, email or streaming data from one domain to another via the most secure possible method. Listed on the Unified Cross Domain Management Office (UCDMO) Baseline, and backed by the EAL 7+ Common Criteria security certification, the Data Diode Solution offers unparalleled assurance.

Data Diode Solution is a controlled interface, strictly enforcing a unidirectional flow of data at the hardware level. The physical absence of a return path ensures no possible data leakage, and that no covert channels exist.

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Content Filtering—a paramount security layer in Cross Domain Solutions

The Data Diode Solution can be configured with strong yet cost-effective COTS content filters that scan all file based data for mal-code. Third-party COTS products are pre-configured, providing a turn-key solution.

– Data diode controllers are compatible with a number of robust content filtering applications, including NephronMaxx™, a BAE Systems content filter capable of handling files up to 32GB.
– Easy plug-in Antivirus and content filtering options for any environment

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