Bi-directional Cross Domain Solutions

XTS Guard is designed to easily achieve accreditation and comes with BAE Systems experience in accrediting cross domain solutions, including garnering UCDMO Baseline approval.

XTS Enterprise Guard™

Scalable, robust, high-speed, and built with NSA-compliant enterprise standards in mind. Unlike the competition, XTS Guard can process multiple data types (e-mail, chat, files, XML, imagery, and more) in a single guard, vastly reducing costs. Additionally, users can select one or more plug-in content inspection filters, such as BAE Systems NephronMaxx™ and leading third-party solutions. The result: a long-life and flexible solution.

XTS Coalition Guard™

The next-generation XTS Guard is XTS Coalition Guard — offering to coalitions, like Five Eyes, multi-domain and multi-compartment capabilities with coalition information sharing in mind.

XTS Tactical Guard™

The ruggedized version of XTS Guard brings the highest level of assurance to the field. Flexible hardware options open the door to tactical deployments such as onboard airframes, in command vehicles, in backpacks and other areas.

STOP OS — the Power Behind Every XTS Guard

The new STOP OS includes:
– The strongest security, built from the ground up with assurance as its core focus
– 10X performance improvements when running on the same hardware, compared to the previous generation of STOP OS.

STOP OS now performs on par with commodity operating systems.

Content Filtering—a paramount security layer in Cross Domain Solutions

– XTS Guards are compatible with a number of robust content filtering applications, including NephronMaxx™, a BAE Systems content filter capable of handling files up to 32GB.
– Easy plug-in Antivirus and content filtering
options for any environment

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