Content Filtering


BAE Systems' NephronMaxx is a new high-speed content filter supporting inspection of all file types, with unique capabilities for extremely large files. NephronMaxx leverages an enhanced version of an inspection engine that is already deployed in over 17,000 enterprises. It is cost-effective and scalable, designed for accreditation, all while easy to administer and transparent to end users.

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SECURE Web Gateway

Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway transforms the web from a high-risk environment to a place of free and safe collaboration and communication. Confidently enable business-enhancing online technologies, like webmail, social-media websites and collaborative services safe in the knowledge that the company network is fully protected against online dangers and data leakage.

SECURE Email Gateway

Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway is an effective and resilient email gateway for 50 to 50,000 users. The content-aware inspection engine will protect your organisation from inbound threats and outgoing data leaks while affording employees the freedom to communicate freely by email. It also boasts real-time spam defences with a 99.5% detection rate.

MIMEsweeper for SMTP

Clearswift MIMEsweeper for SMTP is a trusted email security solution that will keep communications flowing freely throughout your company. It provides strong protection against spam, malware and data leaks and is highly customisable. MIMEsweeper for SMTP is ideal for the most complex organisations, where multi-layered defences call for maximum flexibility.

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