Anti-Tampering & Theft

Cicada is an effective, easy-to-use solution for the real-time protection of your mobile computing devices from theft, tamper and unauthorized data access.

Lightweight, portable and non-invasive, the Cicada system has been developed for use by both enterprise and consumer users. With a Cicada system installed on your laptop, you secure your physical and intellectual property, including corporate documents, personal identity data and financial information against theft or unauthorized access.

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Protect Your Sensitive Data in Seconds

Cicada’s real-time asset protection monitors your computer for movement or environmental changes, delivering active theft and tamper protection in the most vulnerable situations The Cicada is a USB device and non invasive software which does not interfere with the daily utilisation of your computer device by authorised users.

Once triggered, Cicada immediately locks the device protecting access to stored data and emits an alarm, both on the computer and Cicada hardware, alerting everyone in the immediate area of incident. By instantly sending an alert message to your phone, email, or security management console, Cicada ensures you’re aware of the incident even when you’re away from the device.

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