Call & Internet Protocol Detail Record Solution

Log files, particularly call detail records and IP-based detail records are critical to law enforcement agencies investigating terrorism, drug trafficking, child pornography and other crimes. In many cases, responses to these investigations must happen in minutes and hours, not days and weeks.

The Sensage Call Detail Record/IP Detail Record (CDR/IPDR) solution is a scalable, high performance event data management and analysis platform featuring:

- Diverse data source collection. Captures and centrally aggregates all event records from all relevant sources including telephony, email messaging, web traffic and custom applications
- Efficient management. Parses and stores event data in a highly compressed format to reduce storage requirements
- High-speed, online analysis. Rapid, pinpoint search through terabytes of data, correlating across event source types
- Scalable performance. Purpose-built sparse data load and query optimization to handle large query volumes required by Telco organizations

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Sensage Solution for CDR/IPDR
Due to the time-sensitive nature of these queries, Sensage provides analysts with:

- Intuitive user interface for ad-hoc queries and pre-defined investigative workflows
- Summary and Exception reports with correlation and drill-down capabilities spot anomalies quickly
- Automated logging capabilities
- Clear distinction of user access and capabilities
- Ability to leverage existing infrastructure

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