Access Rights Monitoring

Managing a Microsoft Environment requires a comprehensive approach. That's why the StealthAUDIT® Management Platform (SMP) -- and its advanced Data Collectors, Action Modules, Analysis Modules, Reporting Capabilities, and Core Components -- are at the heart of all of the STEALTHbits Solution Sets.

SMP Solution Sets

Solution Sets are a series of audit jobs, data analysis rules, reports, and charts that are organized around specific areas of infrastructure responsibilities. SMP Solution sets are available for:

  • Exchange: provides comprehensive and holistic views into virtually every aspect of your Exchange infrastructure
  • ActiveSync: in-depth auditing and reporting across your entire ActiveSync environment
  • Servers: provides comprehensive insight into the security, configuration, and operational integrity of critical infrastructure
  • SharePoint: helps users dive deep into SharePoint Infrastructure, Permissions, Content, and Activity
  • SQL: provides complete visibility into the security, configuration, and operational integrity of your SQL databases
  • Blackberry: the next generation in Enterprise BlackBerry Monitoring and Reporting
  • Desktops: provides complete visibility into the configuration, security, and operational integrity of your infrastructure
  • File Systems: provides organizations of all sizes both high-level and granular views of their unstructured data
  • Active Directory provides comprehensive data collection, analysis, and bulk administration capabilities for organizations of any size

StealthINTERCEPT Enterprise Authority

Those who have tried know that detecting changes at any layer of the Microsoft system or application stack is not only difficult, but nearly impossible when relying on native logging facilities.

StealthINTERCEPT Enterprise Authority not only provides real-time change monitoring for critical systems and applications like Active Directory, eDirectory and Windows, Novell, and NetApp file systems, but also in-line control over what can be changed, by whom, when, and where; all without any reliance on native logging.

Organizations looking to tighten their security and compliance posture, automate administration, reduce helpdesk traffic, and proactively prevent unauthorized changes can finally obtain the functionality they’ve needed for years, but could never previously afford from high cost competitors.

Directory Authority

StealthINTERCEPT Directory Authority provides real-time, in-line monitoring, blocking, reporting, alerting, and forensics on any and all changes within Active Directory, including changes to Group Policy Objects. Clearly understand the Who, What, Where, When™ of what’s occurring within your mission-critical application with instant alerts, before and after value comparison, and a high-powered Rules Engine providing complete control over any object, setting, or configuration.

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